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At Titan Mufflers & Custom Exhaust, Inc., we highly recommend Flowmaster Mufflers for most applications with very few exceptions. Flowmaster Mufflers are completely manufactured in the USA. Patented street and race proven technology, 16 gauge aluminized steel. Plus, Flowmaster has longer life than most of its competition.

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Performance Exhaust Systems

The Flowmaster Sound is the true tone of American muscle and performance. Available in a wide range of domestic and import applications for automobiles and trucks. Flowmaster mufflers produce more power than OEM and competitive aftermarket products.

What makes Flowmaster so unique is that its performance improvement is paired with our unique exhaust tones. The “Flowmaster Sound” is offered in many different tones depending upon the muffler series. From the deep, aggressive tone of the 40 Series to a quiet and subtle, but unmistakably rich Flowmaster tone of the 70 Series, you will find the right application of performance and exhaust sound you want.


We specialize in

  • Custom Exhaust Fabrications
  • Diesel Exhaust
  • Catalytic Converters
  • MIG Welding
  • High End TIG Welding

We only use premium parts

  • Flowmaster
  • Magnaflow
  • AP Exhaust
  • IMCO
  • Diamond Eye
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